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Employee Account

Employee accounts provide a way for additional team members to access Real Build Pro.

Property Description
email The employee's email address. Notification emails such as task assignments will be sent to this address.
first name The employee's first name. This is used to reference the employee throughout the application.
last name The employee's last name. This is used to reference the employee throughout the application.
phone The employee's phone number.
fax The employee's fax number.
address The employee's primary address.
address 2 The employee's secondary address
city The city the employee resides in.
state The state the employee's city resides in.
zipcode The zipcode for the employee's city.


Permissions provide a way to toggle an employee's access to particular features within Real Build Pro. Employee's that have created an account have the following permissions available to them:

Access Level Description
Default Employee's using the default settings have access to the time clock, schedule, and tasks assigned to them. They can also update a tasks progress status.
Add/Edit Tasks Grants the employee the ability to add and edit tasks for both themselves and others within the system.
Full Employee Access Grants the employee full access to managing projects, schedules, and contacts on your behalf.

Alternative Contacts

Store alternative contacts for the employee.

Property Description
first name The alternative contacts first name.
last name The alternative contacts last name.
email The alternative contacts email address.
phone The alternative contacts phone number.
fax The alternative contacts fax number.

Last update: September 30, 2020