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Trade Partner Accounts

A trade partner is an external entity providing goods or services on your behalf. You can think of trade partner's as your suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors. Associating a trade partners with a project allows them to view plans, schedules, and assigned tasks.

Property Description
company The trade partner's company name.
first name The trade partner's first name.
last name The trade partner's last name.
email The trade partner's email address. Notification emails such as task assignments will be sent to this address.
phone The trade partner's phone number.
fax The trade partner's fax number.
address The trade partner's primary address.
address 2 The trade partner's secondary address
city The city the trade partner resides in.
state The state the trade partner's city resides in.
zipcode The zipcode for the trade partner's city.

Alternative Contacts

Store alternative contacts for communicating with the trade partner.

Property Description
first name The alternative contacts first name.
last name The alternative contacts last name.
email The alternative contacts email address.
phone The alternative contacts phone number.
fax The alternative contacts fax number.


Attachments help organize important documents related to the trade partner.

Attachment Description
W-9 The trade partners W-9 form.
Insurance The trade partners insurance documents.
Agreements Any contracts or agreements with the trade partner.

Last update: September 30, 2020