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Project Details

Manage project settings from the details page.

Property Description
Project Timeline This calendar displays the start date and estimated end date for the project.
Project Group The group this project belongs to.
Display Line Item Cost Select this option to display the cost of each line item to the client. Leave this option unselected to display a lump-sum price to the client instead.
Project Name The account owners email address. This is used to log into the application, recieve notifications, and reset passwords.
Project Code An optional and arbitrary code used internally by your company to provide a quick search identification for your project. Your clients and trade partners do not see this code.
Total Sqft The total square footage of your project. If available, this number is used in some calculations.
Project Description An optional field to provide a brief description of the project. Clients and trade partners do not see this information.
Address A primary address for the project.
Address 2 A secondary address for the project.
City The city the project's in.
State The state the project's in.
Zipcode The zipcode the project's in.
Project Display Image Sets the projects display image. Clients can see this image.

Project Phases

Each project can be in one of four phases:

Phase Description
Prospect A project in its prospect phase is considered inactive. All projects start in this phase.
Active Active projects are projects that are currently in progress. Projects must be manually activated form the project details page.
Warranty Projects in this phase are considered complete but allow clients to issue warranty requests up to the warranties expiration date.
Archived Archiving a project marks it as inactive, preventing the project from being worked on further.


Upload important plans, photos, and other documents to your project. Choose the files you want to share with clients and trade partners.


Shows the last person to change project settings and when they were changed.


At the top of the project details page are some quick statistics about your project:

Statistic Description
Sub Total A total of the project's costs before applying any pricing methods.
Cost Total amount of Cost pricing methods applied.
Profit Total amount of Profit pricing methods applied.
Taxes Total amount of Tax pricing methods applied.
$ / sqft Cost per square foot. (total / total sqft)
Total Total cost including all pricing methods.

Last update: September 29, 2020