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An estimate is an approximation of materials and services believed to be required to complete a project based on the most recently provided information. Each project contains a single estimate.

Property Description
Sub Total The sum of the estimates line items before markup, margin, or taxes are added.
Cost The alternative contacts last name.
Profit The alternative contacts email address.
Taxes The alternative contacts phone number.
Total Sq. Ft. The alternative contacts fax number.
Total The sum of the estimates line items, markup, margin, and taxes.

Adding line items to your estimate

There are two options of adding line items to your estimate:

  • Add a one off line item.
  • Import budget lines from your specifications.

Adding a one off line item to your estimate

  1. Navigate to one of your project's
  2. From inside your project, choose the estimates tab from the menu to be taken to the estimates page.
  3. From the estimates page inside your project, click to bring up the following window:

Last update: September 29, 2020