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Tasks are schedulable events containing a name, description, the number of working days required to complete the task. Tasks are assignable to one or more individuals.

Tasks help you define your schedule.

Property Description
Associated Spec The spec to attach the task to. This is optional.
Add Blocking Task Adds one or more tasks as prerequisites to this task.
Assign Task To Assign tasks to one or more employees or trade partners. This will notify the assignee's that you have assigned them a task.
Name A name used to identify the task on throughout the project.
Description A way to provide an explination of the task.
Working Days An estimated number of working days to complete the task.
Date/Time Provide the day and time for the task.
Files Attach files to the project. Useful for providing extra information to assignee's.


The schedule is simply a visual representation of the project's tasks viewable in calendar format. View tasks in a month, week, day, or agenda format.

Last update: September 29, 2020