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Navigating to the company settings page from the main menu allows you to adjust your company name, logo, financial templates, and other settings affecting your company within Real Build Pro.

Clicking into company settings will also add temporary items to the menu, letting you adjust additional company settings.

Company Details

These fields are used to generate your company header on many documents.

Field Description
Company Name The name of your company.
Company Phone A phone number your clients and trade partners can reach you at.
Fax A fax number your trade partners and clients can send you documents with.
Address The mailing address for your company.
Address 2 An optional secondary address for your company.
City The city the mailing address is in.
State The state the mailing address is in.
Zipcode The zipcode the mailing address is in.

Upload your company logo to use throughout Real Build Pro.

Purchase Order, Invoice, and Proposal Settings

Purchase Order, Invoice, and Proposal number formats are as follows:

Field Description
Prefix Optional text used to the left of the number.
Starting Number An auto-incrementing number you wish to start on. This field is required.
Postfix Optional text used to the right of the number.


Pretend we want our next PO number to read RBP2020PO. To achieve this, set the PO settings on the company details page to:

Prefix: RBP

Starting Number: 2020

Postfix: PO

Given the above settings, the next PO number generated will be RBP2020PO and the following PO number will be RBP2021PO, then RBP2022PO, and so on.

Last update: September 30, 2020