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Creating A New Pricing Structure

The following steps will walk you through creating a new pricing structure from the project details page.


Pricing structures can also be created and edited from your company settings page.

  1. Select the project you wish to apply the pricing structure to.
  2. From the project details page, locate the Pricing Structure dropdown menu and select * Add Pricing Structure.
  3. A modal window will appear, allowing you to name the pricing structure for reference and optionally provide a description of what the pricing structure is used for.
  4. Before saving the pricing structure, follow the steps below to add at least one pricing method. Once a pricing method is added, you can save the pricing structure.

Adding a pricing method the pricing structure

  1. Click the button to open a modal window letting you create a new pricing method.
  2. If you wish for the pricing method to be displayed to clients on your estimate, select the Client Visible? checkbox.
  3. Decide whether you want this pricing method to be applied against each individual budget line or the estimates total.
  4. Enter a name to call the pricing method and optionally supply a description.
  5. Locate the Accounting dropdown and choose an accounting code for this line item.
  6. Select a Type from the dropdown menu.
  7. Select how you want to apply the pricing method from the Apply as dropdown menu.
  8. Finally, enter an amount for each cost category. Use the toggle next to the input field and choose whether to apply it as a percentage or as a flat dollar amount. Entering an amount into the All category defaults each category mark up to that amount. Optionally, enter an amount into a specific category to override the default amount supplied in the All category.
  9. Save the pricing method and repeat the steps to add as many pricing methods as necessary.

Last update: September 30, 2020